AKUMC-STAN is now on Tapatalk


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In today's age of small screen devices and smartphones, we at AKUMC-STAN have brought our forums to the popular mobile forum platform Tapatalk.

Tag your friends in an important discussion, send them a private message or get an opinion from your colleagues regarding a patient...all through the AKUMC-STAN Tapatalk app. The app supports push-notifications, instantly notifying users of new messages/events even when they are not actively using the application.

  1. Download the Tapatalk Android app from the Google Play Store. Pointing your mobile browser to AKUAlumni.net will automatically prompt you to install the Tapatalk app.
  2. Install the app, and open it.
  3. In the search/explore bar, enter the keyword "AKUMC-STAN". Select this, and you would be asked for your login credentials. Provide these, and you should be able to browse and participate on the website right through your mobile phone / tablet.