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Welcome aboard!
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Abdul Basit Saeed
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Dear students and alumni,

Welcome to the AKUMC Students and Alumni Discussion Board, a unique platform meant to promote communication among AKU MC students and alumni from all over the world. The Board provides a private space to discuss issues of common interest such as the USMLE / Board Exams, various aspects of the US Residency, visa issues and accommodation.

Primarily designed for discussions, the Board's powerful and intuitive editor provides its members with the necessary tools required to focus on and emphasize key points to facilitate full-fledged discussions. Members can create polls, upload images, videos and documents (e.g. PDFs, Google Documents, Spreadsheets) as well as have personal/group conversations off-the-board. New members can browse through old/archived content or even use the built in search feature to see if a certain topic has already been discussed.

Keeping in line with modern web standards, other features include:
  • a robust Alert System that provides users with live notifications about updates to on-going discussions, in addition to email notifications
  • a Recent Activity Stream that shows you all recent activity on the board
  • the ability to follow other members, hence creating personalized news feeds
  • the popular "Like" feature
  • tagging members
  • the ability to tweet and share links
The Board is also equipped with a repository where members can download useful resources such as previous Match Lists, "Road to Residency", AKU-NAMA publications, AKU Synergy guidelines, AKU Student Research Forum resources and even video sessions of AKU alumni for prospective US residents. Check our Resource Center here.

Considering that most of us consume huge chunks of data on a daily basis via small screen devices, AKUMC-STAN comes with its own mobile app, hosted by Tapatalk. Just install the app on your device once (installation instructions are given here), and the app will faithfully and instantly notify users of new messages/events even when they are not actively using the application. Notifications can obviously be disabled/customized, as per user choice.

For those concerned about security, the domain is secured with an SSL certificate ensuring that all data to and from the website is encrypted. Plus, the Board supports two factor authentication as well.

New to the Discussion Board and need to create a new account? Don't worry! You can sign up and log in simply with your Facebook/Twitter/Google account which seamlessly gets associated with your Board account.

I welcome everyone aboard and look forward to your feedback and suggestions. I am confident that the board will form a vital component of the AKU MC Students and Alumni Network, helping everyone to socially engage, interact and communicate with each other in a meaningful manner, no matter where you are.

Warm regards,
Abdul Basit Saeed, '07